Payment Information


All premiums and deposits for insurance plans, retirement and investment funds are to be paid directly to the service carriers’ or premium financiers’ account through the following modes (thereafter send us proof of payment for further processing of your orders):-

                • Bank Transfer
                • Bank Debit Order
                • Bank Standing Order
                • Bank Cheque Deposit
                • Bank Cash Deposit
                • Cheque Payment
                • Mpesa Paybill Number
                • Salary Deduction Form
                • Insurance Premium Financing

                Please Note Cash Payment is NOT Allowed

                PAYMENT PROCEDURES

                Service Carriers’ and Insurance Premium Financiers' bank debit, standing order, or transfer forms; salary deduction form; and insurance premium financing forms will be provided together with their bank accounts or mpesa paybill details to facilitate prompt payment to 'Service Carrier'

                When paying for your orders please include your Policy, ID or Passport Number and Name of Policyholder or Applicant, as the Account Reference Number. 

                Thereafter please contact us for collection or send us proof of payment i.e. Bank Slip, Completed Payment Forms, Cheque, Mpesa Paybill Payment Confirmation for further processing and delivery of your orders. 


                Service Carriers' Mpesa Paybill and Insurance Premium Financing information are detailed below. Bank account and other payment details can be found on the product page, application forms, brochures or 'Service Carriers’ website. 




                For enquiries kindly send us a message on contact-us-pagechat-box, or to contacts below attention, Principal Officer. Thank you.

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